50 Must Watch Movies of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

January 25, 2011

We started this column last May with our review of Blade Runner and now with today’s post for Alien (coincidentally, also a Ridley Scott film), we have reached 50 entries in our Must-Watch List of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror films. We approached this survey of the genre last year not so much as a “Best Of” list but more from the perspective of looking at what movies represent the best examples in these genres that fans and/or newbies must see at some point. And we have followed no particular order, we have just written about whatever movies we happen to want to pontificate on at at any given point in time. So do not consider this the 50 must-watch movies of these genres, just the 50 we have hit so far. And we have some notable absences at this point such as King Kong, Jaws, Aliens (hey, we just got to the first one today), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gattaca, and more. But they are on the radar and we will be hitting them in the coming weeks and months. In the mean time, peruse through the current list to see the ones we have covered so far and maybe send us your suggestions on some that we should consider. Also, check out our Anti-Blockbuster reviews which look at the genre films that bucked the Hollywood Blockbuster trend yet still delivered an excellent viewing experience. And most, if not all of these, we believe count as must-watch movies as well and would definitely make their way on many “Best Of” lists such as Moon, The Man From Earth, The Road Warrior, Night of the Living Dead, etc. And then if you happen to want to have some fun with some grand sci fi misfires, take a gander at our Blockbuster Overload column that covers those bloated, sfx-gasm, mega-dollar films that reveled in their own excesses. And stay tuned as we continue to add more reviews to all three of these lists as the year progresses!

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